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Impact Doors for The Ultimate in Hurricane Protection

As local Floridians, we know hurricanes and storms can pose major safety risks for our homes. That’s why our Sunset View Windows and Doors team believes in producing high-quality, dependable impact doors for Melbourne homeowners. Our impact doors are meticulously designed, tested, and certified to stand up against any weather thrown at them. Choose Sunset View’s impact doors for your Melbourne, FL, home to enjoy peace of mind even in the face of Florida’s most challenging weather conditions. With our impact doors, you can protect your home and invest in its value.

Impact Doors Installation in Melbourne, FL

The Benefits of Impact Doors – Specialized Storm Protection

Florida homeowners have more to deal with than the occasional rain shower here or there. Hurricanes, with their high winds and heavy rains, pose a unique threat that standard patio and front doors cannot withstand. Our impact glass doors are specifically designed to stand tall against the elements while keeping water and wind out of your home.

Damage Prevention

If wind or water breaks through your door, more than an entryway is at stake. Water can quickly spread from room to room in your home, creating extensive damage that’s often incredibly expensive to remedy – not to mention endangering who or whatever is currently inside. Our hurricane impact doors help prevent damage to your property and keep your family safe all in one.

Custom Options

There’s no need to settle for a cookie-cutter impact door when you choose Sunset View Windows and Doors. Our doors can be tailored to fit your unique home, with custom options for everything from size to glass tint, hardware finish, and more.

What Is Impact Glass?

Impact glass, also known as hurricane glass or impact-resistant glass, is a type of safety glass designed to resist shattering. Unlike standard glass, impact glass is crafted using panels of tempered glass bonded with an interlayer of clear, resilient plastic film. This construction ensures that even if the glass is shattered, the pieces stick to the protective plastic layer, minimizing the risk of injury from scattered shards.

How Does Impact Glass Provide Superior Protection?

Impact glass is incredibly resilient to blunt force, making it an ideal defense against storms and hurricanes and a deterrent to break-ins. Even when subjected to the force of flying debris propelled by high winds, impact glass holds together. It also improves the energy efficiency of your home – the same plastic interlayer that provides structural strength also provides insulation. Plus, impact glass can dampen outdoor sounds and even protect your furnishings from harmful UV rays.

Why Have Our Storm-Impact Doors Installed

When you work with Sunset View Windows and Doors, you get exactly what you expect: tough, durable products that look great and protect your property. We make the process as hassle-free as possible, from providing free estimates to ensuring you know all your options before making your final choice.

Contact Us for Expert Storm Door Replacement

Our window installation company has been installing impact front doors and impact patio doors for years. As your door installation experts, we approach every project as if it were at our own home. Sunset View Windows and Doors offer high-quality impact doors and windows that will withstand the test of time and Florida storms. Contact us to get your free estimate.

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